The art of slow sex has been losing ground because every day more people are immersed in their daily practices.

The frenetic pace of our daily life, routine, obligations ... They can to affect Also to the quality of our sexual relationships. Those are the main reasons why slow sex is not fully enjoying it, as it should be.

You should ask yourself how much time you spend having sex, 12 minutes? Maybe 10? The average duration of a sexual relationship in Spain it is 16 minutes. Incredible true? It is time to change this.  

It should be noted that the slow sex is highly recommended at any age, but especially from the age of fifty.

What is slow sex?

Slow sex consists of practicing sexual activity without No kind of rush, but enjoying every second. In addition, slow sex can help delay ejaculation, so the experience is much more pleasant.

Those who are over fifty years of age tend to enjoy this practice much more, as different studies have shown. A 44 % of Spaniards in the age of sixty, enjoy more in bed with the practice of slow sex. In addition to this, they also confess that they enjoy it more than when they were younger, since the tranquility prevails and not the rush to get there.

It is for all this that slow sex, or slow sex, is becoming a trend among couples of different ages, since they can prolong the relationship as long as possible possible time, help improve physical conditions already increase emotional well-being.

Making an analogy, it could be said that slow sex is like going for a walk in a park, without haste, with time to dedicate to yourself, and, of course, to your partner.

Isbelia Farías

So what is described will happen in bed. It is ideal if the little ones are not at home, so it is no longer necessary to have silent and hurried relationships, but the goal is enjoyment. This makes sexual activity much more mindful.

One of the strongest points of slow sex is that you not only get pleasure at the moment of orgasm, otherwise in any phase of the relationship.

Provides more pleasure

When a relationship begins, the arousal occurs almost instantly, but over time the initial games are put aside and the routine ends up ruining the sexual activity.

Therefore, the slow sex technique and foreplay help to enjoy the moment, controlling the excitement and delaying the climax, which, in addition, will be much more intense when it occurs.

This happens because the desire phase extends much further, accumulating the excitement making it longer. Quite the opposite of quick sex, where the energy explodes immediately.

Therefore, we can see that slow sex is one of the best ways couples can invest their time to improve your relationship and discover new sensations. Well, when couples do not invest in their intimacy, in complicity and close ties, this can physically and negatively affect their performance in bed.

Likewise, when the couple does not take time for sexual activity, what occurs is stress, which triggers general tiredness, headaches, insufficient erection, premature ejaculation or lack of vaginal lubrication.

But, all this could be solved if the slow sex technique is put into practice, since it encourages relaxation and is an activity that does not focus on orgasm, but on the enjoyment of every second that is shared in intimacy.

Slow sex also helps to discover one's own body and that of the other person, so the bonds of closeness and complicity are accentuated, since it becomes a conscious practice.

How to practice slow sex

To practice it, start with rediscover your bodiesIt seems very typical, but many times we stop paying attention to the partner's body or to your own body. That is why you must explore your bodies without haste and rediscover them.

In second place, prepare the environment, a well-prepared environment can totally change the situation, use a dim light, put on pleasant music for both of you, turn on candles and incense to harmonize the environment, use stimulating gel... Nothing hurts.

Two very important aspects are no hurry, rush has no place in slow sex, and communication. This is the basis of all relationships and it is very important to convey what we like in sex.

You should also take into account the play with the sensesIf you deprive your partner, with his consent, one of the senses may make the experience much more exciting. Your best ally in this matter can be a mask or one rope. In addition, a good massage It can be very erotic, slow down and take it easy, dedicate yourself to it with all your being.

In seventh place, we have the oral sex, it is something that well executed can give a lot of pleasure. A cunnilingus or fellatio can transform into unforgettable experiences if done right.

Very important to introduce sex toys, you can use toys to stimulate other erogenous parts of the body apart from the penis and vulva. Walk the body with a vibrator passed through the nipples, feet, ears ... And ending in your genitals. Find out where it excites you the most and you will see that it is really worth knowing your body better.

At this time comes the penetrationIf you want to finish the whole experience enjoying penetration, nothing will stop you, try new positions, change your speed and intensity. The excitement and orgasms will be of cinema.

Sexologist Isbelia Farías