Anal sex is part of a topic that has been taboo for a long time; Although in ancient Greece homosexual practice was normal, over time this changed.

However, the issue returns to the fore, since every day many begin to realize the infinity of sensations pleasurable experiences that they can experience by stimulating their anus, and may even go as far as orgasm.

In fact, those who practice it confess that orgasms obtained through anal sex are much more intense.

Anal stimulation


Anal stimulation can not only be practiced in couple, it can also be started in lonely, as this helps to get to know the body better and to know what you want if at any time you want to share the experience with your partner.

First of all, to practice anal sex it is essential put fear aside and modesty, in addition to shame.

It should be considered that the rectum is delicate, so you should not introduce any type of objects, or toothbrushes or the like.

While it is true that the penis and vagina have nerve endings that can help make anal sex more pleasant, it is also true that the anus does not lubricate, so it is important to help yourself appropriate and lubricating toys.

In this sense, imagination is key to gain sexual enjoyment and use the plug in a proper way.

There is a great diversity of anal plug; for example, there are anal plugs that function as initiators to explore anal pleasure.

It is important lubricate the plug and introduce it slowly, starting with the tip and then introduce the rest, always slowly to avoid injury or wounds.

Isbelia Farías

When the plug is in, gentle movements can be made in the anus. Some plugs even include the vibration option for extra pleasure.

The anal plugs that can be found in the market can be the classics, as well as others that vary in size and design, but all have the same purpose, to stimulate the anus.

Among the options, many include a tail or a jewel, to make sex more fun.

Starter toys have technology designed to provide pleasure and not cause infections, unlike when other objects not suitable for anal stimulation, such as a banana, are inserted. In addition, the plugs are much safer.

In some shops you can find PLUG KITS anal plugs that vary in centimetres so that as the anus dilates the partner can include them, or the person can include them on their own.

Some of these plugs are also flexible so that pleasure occurs faster and without feeling any discomfort or pain.

To introduce anal plugs in relationships with your partner, you must first talk to check that they agree to insert a toy in bed, as many people are still reluctant to do so.

The anal plug it is smaller than a vibrator, so it is ideal to start anal games; They have a cap or ring at the end to be able to manipulate said toy and that accidents do not occur.

It is also not advisable to share sex toys, including anal plugs and, if you decide to incorporate other toys, such as dildos, these should be used with condoms.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that anal plugs must be properly cleaned. This is done with warm water and neutral soap, since, many have an absorbent porous material.

Sexologist Isbelia Farías