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The brand that you know today as Adrien Lastic, was born in Barcelona, with the mission of helping to open the doors to new sexual pleasures and explore new sensations to whoever wants it.

In 2009 CNEX was created, a company dedicated to designing, developing, importing, and exporting mainly plastic and silicone injection products.

Olivier Jean Pierre de la Marnierre, trained in mathematics, sculpture and painting, is an expert in special effects and his partner Tan Jing, with a long experience in the Asian market, were the founders of the company.

11 years ago, the first CNEX brand, ADRIEN LASTIC, was created. At the time of its inception, the adult toy market had already been revamped with more refined and luxurious designs.

Beyond pleasure

We are a brand where what we really want to convey goes far beyond what is physical pleasure, we look towards unexplored sensations, find pleasures never before felt and access them with the combination of technology and dream designs.

Olivier Jean Pierre is the origin of many ideas and designs of the brand. They have always highlighted our products for offering different proposals and have been praised by customers who have decided to host them.

Since the beginning of the adventure called Adrien Lastic, we have cared, worked and pampered this project a lot. In fact, it is a whole team that is behind the company: commercial, marketing, purchasing, logistics, designers, etc. It is a multicultural, dynamic and fun team. Thanks to cultural diversity we are more creative and efficient. We like our work, but we also like sex, without taboos or prejudices.

Creating experiences

Adrien Lastic offers a varied range of products with clean designs updated to the needs of consumers, in bright and fresh colors. Using the best materials that the market can offer and also the newest technology at very competitive prices.

We work every day to discover and develop new products in order to surprise and satisfy, we create experiences.

Our commitment

Quality, privacy and sustainability

All the recognitions that Adrien Lastic has received and his success is the result of our commitment to all those millions of people who have explored new sensations and value the satisfaction they only feel when buying an Adrien Lastic toy.

To offer maximum safety and reliability, our products come with a manual, USB connection cable, satin bag, and a 2-year warranty.

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