Distance will no longer be an obstacle

Adrien Lastic is the application that brings couples together, there will no longer be any barriers. For the exclusive use of Adrien Lastic branded products.

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Play and discover sensations with the Adrien Lastic app

With the Adrien Lastic app you have thousands of options to excite yourself and your partner. You are not limited to pre-installed strong or weak vibrations, the pleasure will go as far as your imagination allows.


the free Adrien Lastic application


 a free and secure account


with your partner from anywhere


 and feel the rhythm of your favourite music


on your own or with a partner to control their vibrations


via text or video with your partner while online


your Adrien Lastic experience with your partner


the free Adrien Lastic application

How does the Adrien Lastic app work? Connect with your lover and explore

Unlock a new level of intimacy and explore an infinite variety of play patterns, unique to you and your partner. Learn how the Adrien Lastic remote control app works, and how to connect Adrien Lastic products to it.

Chat with your partner

Chat with your partner or lover from the app while you play! Connect face-to-face with the video call option, or write chat messages by controlling your partner's vibrations. Sexting on a whole new level - do you dare?

Let the music guide you

Connect your music through the Adrien Lastic app and vibrate to the beat of your favourite songs.

If you have an Android phone, it vibrates to the rhythm of any song in your favourite music app.  Spotify®

Do you have an Apple mobile phone? Download the music to your mobile via Google or ITunes.

Create your favourite playlists and vibrate to the beat.

Shake your phone and control the intensity

This mode will make you feel closer to your partner than ever before. Shake mode makes real-time, personalised control possible. Yes, every action you take is instantly translated into a vibration.

Shake your phone with the Adrien Lastic app open and your toy will vibrate to the rhythm of how hard you shake it. You'll be in control at 100%.

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