February 14 is approaching: the most special day for relationships, romance, sex and expensive sweets. Discover how sex toys play a role in relationships and all the possibilities they can bring to your sex life and well-being.

The history of Valentine's Day is epic. St. Valentine is said to be a Roman priest who broke the emperor's ban on marriage by performing wedding ceremonies in secret. He was eventually captured and sentenced to death. While in prison, the priest fell in love with his jailer's daughter and before his death on February 14, he wrote a letter proclaiming his love, signing it "From your Valentine".

Nowadays, this special day is celebrated in a much more civilised way, with proclamations of love in the form of gift cards, sweets, erotic toys... But from Adrien Lastic We know that it is not always easy to choose a gift for Valentine's Day. Therefore, we have put together a practical guide that relates to the experience of many people who use sex toys Together with their partners, lovers, friends, strangers... With whomever they decide to experience their pleasure.

Sex as a couple That's all well and good, but it's time to ditch the classic doggy style and innovate in the bedroom. And yes, trying out some of the best Kama Sutra positions is all well and good, but have you ever considered involving a special guest in your bed? We're not exactly talking about having a threesome... or yes, but not exactly with someone else, but with an erotic toy, which you can both enjoy during sex.

In the spirit of improving sexual relations with your partner, There are Adrien Lastic toys that can give you a stronger and longer lasting erection. Those that are able to stimulate the prostate, designed for anal sex with a partner, there is even a long list of remote control sex toys! Such toys can be used hands-free by simply pressing a button on a small remote control.

It is time to break the taboo on this issue: pleasure technology is here to stayto satisfy us and even to improve our sex life.


Benefits of using sex toys as a couple

We could say that sex toys give mutual pleasure, but in reality their benefits go beyond that:

  • Allow the two of you to enjoy new experiences together. and different sensations.
  • Facilitate orgasms.
  • They help to get out of the sexual routine, trying out new positions or erotic games for couples that can bring their relationships to life.
  • You can facilitating penetrationMany sex toys for couples serve to take foreplay to a level of excellence.
  • The toys can help them get to know each other better, discover new tastes, different techniques or new movements that they had never tried before.

Sex toys are a good way to understand and communicate what each partner likes and can help you explore new types of pleasure (such as anal). Keeping an open mind and continuing to experiment together is always a good idea.


How to use Adrien Lastic erotic toys with your partner?

If you are willing to try sex toys Adrien Lastic, we have a short list of some of the best sex toys to try with your partner. From remote control vibrators to sexy lingerie, we have a short list of some of the best sex toys to try with your partner. Moonlight. You have several options to choose from to suit all tastes, so take a look and surprise your partner with one of them.

Inspiration is the best vibrating sex toy of 2022 awarded by XBIZ. Combining one of the quietest and most powerful suction cups on the market, with the addition of a vibrating egg Soft, ergonomic and easy to insert, Inspiration will give you multiple orgasms. Its unique feature will offer new sensations with the combination of suction and vibration.

With the Adrien Lastic app, you can control both the vibrating egg and the clitoral stimulator that make up Inspiration.

Combining stimulation, intelligence and a bit of relaxation, Inspiration seduces you. clitoris and G point for the best possible experience. Adrien Lastic recommends applying a few drops of water-based lubricant to the erogenous zones and to both sex toys.

In the App you will find different functions that you will love. From the solo mode to enjoy your sexuality in the intimacy, passing by the music mode to vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite songs, or also with the shake modeThe phone can be used to control the intensity and strength of the suction and vibration as you shake the phone. And finally, the interactive modeConnect with your partner or lover wherever you are and enjoy sexting on a whole new level.


Features of Inspiration

  • Two sex toys that can be used separately or at the same time; Suction and vibrating egg.
  • Remote control with the Adrien Lastic app for IOS and Android. Allows connection over long distances without limits.
  • Super soft premium silicone.
  • The DCS (Double Climax System) technology climaxes with deep suction and vibrations.
  • 9 suction modes and 9 vibration intensities.
  • Waterproof.


Ocean Breeze Vibrating Egg 2.0

With its elegant and improved design, Ocean breeze 2.0 is the LOVE Egg most powerful remote control featuring a variety of 10 exciting speeds and vibration settings, ranging from a provocative buzzing to orgasmic patterns. Ideal for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Thanks to its soft platinum silicone surface, Ocean Breeze is designed to provide the deepest pleasure and fit all body types.

Is a great option to play as a coupleIt comes with the most discreet, ergonomic, smart and stylish remote control made for public or private use.

Thanks to its size, you can take it with you anywhere and create a fun and pleasurable play experience with your partner.


Sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day

Giving lingerie as a gift may seem very typical, but that's because it works. At the end of the day, There is no better time to seduce your lover than Valentine's Day. If you are buying lingerie for your partner, be sure to check their size first.

If the time comes, take a look at the clothes she is already wearing to understand her style and colour of lingerie. And remember, make sure you don't get caught rifling through her underwear - that would be embarrassing.


Enjoy Valentine's Day

Many practices, such as anal sex and foreplay, are underexplored and exciting ways to increase pleasure in the bedroom for both men and women. With an erotic toy and the right lubricant, you can reach new heights of pleasure. That's why we at Adrien Lastic and Moonlight want to give you some advice, don't hesitate to explore new sensations!