Have you heard wonders about double penetration, but haven't dared to try it yet? At Adrien Lastic we are going to help you get to know everything you need to know about double penetration, the different ways to carry it out and how to get the most out of it.

Double penetration is also known by the two letters DP and consists of a sexual practice in which normally a person with a vulva is penetrated through several orifices at the same time, the most commonly seen is that it is through the anus and the vagina.

The question is, why is it such a pleasant practice? Very simple, the vulva and the anus are two parts of the body with many Nerve endingsIn addition, when performing the double penetration, if one of the areas penetrated is the anus, we will be stimulating the muscles that contract when having an orgasm. If we stimulate the two areas with the most nerve endings at the same time ... imagine how much you could feel. 

Double penetration: protagonist in history and culture

In the porn world, double penetration is one of the great protagonists, and the truth is that several of the fantasies in people with a penis as well as a vulva they include it. But beware, the world of pornography is one thing and real life is quite another.

It is totally normal to feel doubts at the same time as a desire for double penetration, there are more and more people who dare to try this sexual practice. As with the anal sex, and it is that new sensations never experienced before are discovered.

Although in adult videos we often see two people with a penis double penetrating a third person, the experience of a threesome is not very common, since not all couples are willing to introduce to third parties in their relationships sexual.

The wall that separates the vagina from the rectum is very thin, so the sensations, for everyone involved, are very pleasant.

As a historical fact, in 1970 the first double penetration was filmed, in the movie Delphia in the Greek, under the direction of Lasse Braun.

Since then, many in everyday life want to carry it out and experience the great joys it offers.

However, it must be taken into account that the rectal mucosa is weak, so proper hygiene must be followed in order to avoid the presence of bacteria and viruses.

This implies that it can be a traumatic experience for those who do not take hygiene and prevention measures, since they could contract sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, practice with the use of condoms is always recommended.

Ways to get started in double penetration

Double penetration is a very common fantasy, as we have already discussed, but how can you make it come true?

There are two ways to experience double penetration, including third parties in the intimate experience or resorting to sex toys.

Variants of double penetration

Clearly the most natural way to experience double penetration is with several willing people. But nowadays it is no longer uncommon for couples to go to parties where they are held threesomes, sexual exchanges or other types of sexual practices.

On the other hand, those who do not want to resort to a third actor, there is a much simpler and more comfortable way to enter the world of penetration, using sex toys.

It's as easy as resort to dildos and vibrators to make use of them at the same time that you have sex with your partner. In addition, you can choose between more or less realistic toys, according to the fairness of both. Later on we will show you the toys that Adrien Lastic has at his disposal to practice double penetration.

Among the variants of double penetration are the following, where you can always substitute a penis for a sex toy:

  • Double vaginal penetration: in which two penises are inserted into the vagina.
  • Double anal penetration: similar to the previous one, but, in the anus. This practice is more common in gay practices that involve threesomes with two assets.
  • Spit roat: when the woman is penetrated through the mouth and vagina, or through the mouth and anus. It is also frequent in the homosexual world when the man is penetrated by the anus and the mouth.
  • Triple fill: when a double penetration and fellatio are performed.
  • Double vaginal, double anal: when penetration occurs through the anus with two penises and through the vagina with two penises.
  • Triple-double: when it is a single woman with six penises; two in the vagina, two in the mouth and two in the anus. All simultaneously.

Positions for double penetration

For double penetration some consoling that function as a prosthesis to lengthen the penis or to be used by couples who are lesbians. In these cases, double dildos They are the most recommended and the simple dildo for heterosexual couples who do not wish to include third parties

One of the most common positions is one in which one of the men lies on his back and the girl on top, for vaginal penetration to occur. Then the other man gets up to penetrate the anus.

Another position in which the man lies up and the girl rises with her back to be penetrated by the anus, while keeping her legs open to insert the dildo into the vagina or the other penis.

In double penetration, one of the men can also carry the woman in his arms and be penetrated through the vagina, while the other man penetrates her anally.

It is recommended that, before practicing it with two people, you live the experience with your partner and a dildo. Adrien Lastic has specially designed dildos for this, for example, Couple Secrets is a vibrating dildo manufactured in order to be used in double penetration, while one of the parts stimulates the G-spot, another protrusion is designed to stimulate the clitoris. Meanwhile, the lover introduces his penis into the vagina and begins the penetration, obtaining an explosion of sensations.

Jelly toys are one of the most suitable, thanks to the fact that the material is very soft; you should also practice with lubricants, since the anus does not lubricate.

Finally, be in a state of relaxation and excitement is very important to be able to fully enjoy double penetration, whatever the way in which it has been decided to execute it. In the same way, this becomes a powerful strategy to explore the limits of pleasure of each one.

Sexologist Isbelia Farías