• Erotic Dice

    Couple Play

  • Erotic Dice

    Couple Play

Erotic Dice

To break the ice, heighten the sexual atmosphere and extend one’s foreplay.

A roll of the dice will determine which action is to be applied to which body part and act according to the combination of them.

Ref# 30350(ES), 30390(DE), 30470(FR), 30510(EN)

EAN 8433345303505(ES), 8433345303901(DE), 8433345304700(FR), 8433345305103(EN)

It’s easy and no one loses!


    Erotic Dice


    Erotic Dice

Infuse the atmosphere with excitement and sensuality with Adrien Lastic sex dice.

Perfect for partners looking for a pleasurable change of pace or to stir up a new sense of sexuality, this set of dice offers a world of endless possibilities, waiting to be explored.

Simple, but effective game, offering endless hours erotic, these entertaining dice are a game that everyone can win!

Presented in a sleek, stunning box, you can ensure your dice will ship discreetly. Includes a small, satin satchel to keep your sex dice safe.

Landing on kiss and lips, you shrug your shoulders and mumble, “Easy enough.” Stretching toward your lover, you reach your arms out, grasp their shoulders and plant your lips on theirs.

Your partner quickly grabs the dice, joyfully jiggles them in their hand and playfully chucks them at you. As they bounce off your chest, they roll down to the floor and read, bite and neck.

Squealing with excitement, your partner hovers their hot, wet mouth over your neck, then slowly and seductively sinks their teeth into your skin. A low groan of pleasure tumbles from your lips uncontrollably.

You have your lover blow a slow stream of warm air on the dice for good luck. Glancing up at your partner as you vigorously shake the dice in your hand, they quickly cross their fingers, anxiously waiting to see what your turn will unfold.

As the white dice tumbles out of your hand, you watch the pink dice roll out of your grip and drop down to the carpet…

Endless possibilities of playtime!

Outstanding features

Fun preliminaries

Available in 4 languages

Bag included

General features


icon-heigh2 cm

icon-o2 cm

icon-BarcelonaDesigned in Europe


icon-BodySafeBody Safe Materials

icon-Phthalates-freePhthalates Free



Transparent bag


ico-gran-oilUsage Tips

Adrien Lastic recommends the use of water-based lubricants for an easy and smooth insertion of all silicone products. Do not use silicone lubricant, oils or creams with any silicone product as they can degrade the product material, limiting its performance and lifespan.


Thoroughly clean the toy before and after each use with warm water and mild soap.


Store your Adrien Lastic toy in a dust-free place and keep it away from toys of other materials. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight and NEVER expose it to extreme heat.

2 Year Warranty


This warranty applies to all purchased Adrien Lastic products, commencing on the date of original purchase of such product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or use other than as intended and described in the product instruction manual, finishes, normal wear and tear, tampering, unreasonable use, service performed by unauthorized service agencies, or loss or damage to batteries or removable parts.



My husband and I are great in the sheets, but not so good with foreplay. He bought these to spice up our sex life and I’m glad he did! Wow! We really didn’t know what to do and it was nice having a little guidance. It was also fun to roll the dice and see what they compelled us to do! Perfect for couples! Thanks Adrien Lastic!


My girlfriend wanted to try something new so I bought these and we’ve used them ever since! Fun way to get the party started!

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