Our History

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How was Adrien Lastic founded?

CNEX_weblogoIn 2009, CNEX was created, a company dedicated to the design, development, import and export of mostly electronic plastic injection and silicone products.

Olivier Jean Pierre de la Marnierre, trained in mathematics, sculpture and painting, is a special effects expert and his partner Tan Jing, with a long experience in the Asian market, were the founders of the company.

In 2009, the first ADRIEN LASTIC brand would be created. At the time of its creation, the market for adult toys had already been renovated with more carefully thought designs to address a much wider and popularized market.

Who was Adrien Lastic?

ADRIEN LASTIC, born of French and Polynesian descent, was an old hero, who in some Polynesian islands, was dedicated to the art of deflowering. He was apparently endowed with an unusual talent, at the time of his mission,: to initiate young virgins in the art of love so that they can at the same time know the whole landscape of the pleasure of love in order to be able to give it afterwards. However, the story was only narrated through a manuscript and by oral tradition

And following this fascinating legend, Adrien Lastic continues to open the doors to new sexual pleasures thanks to our line of sex toys that bear his name.

Olivier Jean Pierre is the origin of almost all the ideas and designs of the brand that have always stood out to offer proposals as different as praised by the customers who have decided to welcome them.

Adrien Lastic offers a range of products with clean and current designs in bright and fresh colors. The young brand continues to strengthen thanks to the use of the best materials and technical qualities at very competitive prices.

We can find Adrien Lastic….