The vagina hides a world of stimulation points for women. We’ve all heard of the now infamous G-Spot, located 3-4 centimeters from the vaginal entrance. But this isn’t the only stimulation spot that exists within the vagina. There are other key points capable of provoking a world of new sensation but in this section, we will be discussing only Point A, a pleasure zone that surpasses even that of the G-Spot.
First discovered by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, Point A is about 7 centimeters from the vaginal entrance. It is located very close to the G-Spot, but found deeper in the vagina, towards the cervix on the posterior wall. Stimulation of this new spot increases lubrication and allows for a higher level of arousal, leading to multiple orgasms.

How do you get to point A stimulation?


The best positions for reaching Point A stimulation are mainly going to be those in which the female partner is on her back. This allows for the penis to reach the zone with greater ease. One great position to be in for Point A stimulation is good old fashioned missionary. Raising your pelvis during missionary is a great way to get comfortable and also get deeper penetration. We suggest using an aid to raise your hips – like a pillow or sex position aid.

For the most intimate stimulation of your A-Point, Adrien Lastic has designed a product with couples in mind. We are thrilled to bring to you a toy that will stimulate both your A-Point and bring you and your partner into adventurous bliss.

Play Ball

This newly designed toy is a powerful and ultra-soft mini egg. Made with a flexible texture it is mainly for couple’s use. To use, simply insert the egg deeply into the vaginal opening and then activate its vibrations. From there, make yourself comfortable in your favorite position and have your partner insert his penis, thus stimulating your A-Point.

The mini egg is connected with a flexible silicone cord that is so resistant and tiny that you won’t even notice it’s there. This cord connects the egg shaped vibrator to the remote control, which is fastened with Velcro around the upper thigh for your comfort and safety. From this control point, you can easily work the different motors, allowing you to decide what speed you would like to take your pleasure. The Play Ball is an ideal toy for relaxed pleasure and assisting you with reaching orgasm through stimulation of your Point A.

play ball sextoy