How was your weekend? It seems that the fall does not arrive … huh?

In Barcelona is doing a great time and we are still wearing shorts and sandals… This is the time that attracts so many tourists (a part of our beautiful city). So Barcelona inspired us to create our new catalog 2014-15.

Beauty inspired by nature. Ergonomic, carefully studied forms.
Antonio Gaudí, our inspirational master constantly seeking the perfect fusion of the aesthetics and the latest technology.
Reinvent, time and time again until we can offer you innovative proposals which turn your intimate pleasures into fun.
Enter an alternative spirit, the fruit of an open, cosmopolitan mind, added to our European “savoir faire,” lavishing attention on the little details.
Liberate and set free, the concept of intimacy is our highest aim as we create new toys opening up new perspectives.
Oozing aroma, touch, feel, sight and sound… improving until we hit on the idea that will enable you to experience the full joy of all your senses.
New ideas, new challenges to be discovered, live the moment as you turn the pages, and enjoy it alone or with your partner. .
Adrien Lastic welcomes you to its 2015 collection.

The first letters of each sentence makes sense to join this creation we are very proud of and we hope you like it as we do.

I leave the link so you can check out the new catalog Adrien Lastic 2014-15:

Catalog 2015

Have a nice week!