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Powerful double cockring with structured penis sheath!

1 sextoy = 4 sensations to be shared!

Make him feel like a Thracian gladiator and wage war against dull, lifeless playtime with Spartacus R. Providing climax after intensified climax, this compelling, creative vibrating cockring was constructed to deliver quadruple stimulation for both him and her.

Revolting against routine, this 4-in-1 sex toy supplies an exceptionally erotic escape for both partners with its double cockring, vibrating shaft sheath, and clitoral and vaginal satisfaction.

Spartacus R supplies clitoral and testicular stimulus simultaneously with one, quick push of a button. The dual rings create a longer lasting session for her and increased sensation for him. The sex-intensifying penis sheath increases the width of his member as well as securely supports the base of his shaft for a soldier, sturdier erection.

Offering double the pleasure for her, Spartacus R’s short, baton-shaped body has a smooth, rounded head with a ribbed, 3-waved texture. Explore the three, extra-exciting vibrational modes and control each other’s climax by simply clicking its switch. Choose from the rapid, waving pulsations, slow and steady vibrations, or quick, short gyrations.

Designed to amplify any couple’s experience, Spartacus R provides two powerful motors, one in the bud-seducing baton and a small, yet strong rechargeable battery in the testicle stimulator.

The clitoral-enticing rod is vertically positioned and specially shaped like an oblong bullet that can be turned upside down during sex for increase intensity. To enhance your erotic escapade and add an intense silky, smooth glide, pair this quadruple-play vibrator and penis sheath with your favorite, water-based lubricant for a wetter and wilder time.

Outstanding features

Cockring, sheath & testicle ring all in one

Flexible clitoral bullet cover

2 powerful bullets

General features

icon-silicon100% Super Soft Silicone

icon-heigh17,2 cm

icon-o3,2 cm



icon-BodySafeBody Safe Materials

icon-Phthalates-freePhthalates Free

icon-BarcelonaDesigned and Developed in Europe

Motor features

icon-silicon2 Powerful Motor

icon-silicon3 + 3 Vibration Modes

icon-siliconIntuitive Controls

icon-siliconWhisper Quiet

icon-silicon3xLR44x2 Batteries

Modes of use



ico-gran-oilUsage Tips

Adrien Lastic recommends the use of water-based lubricants for an easy and smooth insertion of all silicone products. Do not use silicone lubricant, oils or creams with any silicone product as they can degrade the product material, limiting its performance and lifespan.


Thoroughly clean the toy before and after each use with warm water and mild soap.


Store your Adrien Lastic toy in a dust-free place and keep it away from toys of other materials. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight and NEVER expose it to extreme heat.

2 Year Warranty


This warranty applies to all purchased Adrien Lastic products, commencing on the date of original purchase of such product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or use other than as intended and described in the product instruction manual, finishes, normal wear and tear, tampering, unreasonable use, service performed by unauthorized service agencies, or loss or damage to batteries or removable parts.



I had an issue with ‘going too soon’ and this toy helped a lot. There’s a little band that went over my balls and my base. I mean my wife LOVED the vibrations but guys seriously this toy was made for us guys. Plus the powerful vibrations made her feel like a queen so we’re good there too. All around great buy. My hat goes off to Adrien Lastic for this one.


Not going to lie, I’m a bit of a freak and when I saw this product I had to have it. I was thinking ‘ what a cool contraption!’ My partner definitely enjoyed this product more than I did! ?

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